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Random number generator i slot machine

random number generator i slot machine

The above indicates a standard electromechanical gaming machine in which most or several of the functions are performed by electronic circuitry.
For a casino gaming applications, I think the seeding of the algorithm is the most important part to make sure all games "booted" up don't run through the same sequence or some small set of predictable sequences.
As stated before the manner of increasing the odds in present machines is either by adding reels or adding reel positions to the machine.
If you would like to attend a Wine Down Friday, please contact us by e-mail and we will send you the location. This is open to all couples who are EE graduates or who just want to socialize with other couples with Christian values.It should be noted that the players perceive larger machines as being less "good" in terms of winning and payout chances.Field OF THE invention, this invention relates to gaming apparatus of the type commonly known as slot machines, wherein a plurality of reels are set into rotation and the stopping position, as indicated by indicia on the periphery of the reels, indicates the payoff.2 is a perspective view of a typical reel mechanism of a standard gaming machine.Usually the reels are set into motion by pulling a lever and upon stopping, the angular positions of the reels are detected to determine the amount of payoff to the player.If multiple coins are fed into the machine a multi-buy-logic 38 detects this fact and signals the control and payout logic 39 of the number of coins inserted.It is stressed that the described invention not only offers a marketing advantage in providing for flexibility in design and the ability to give high win odds with present twenty, twenty two, or twenty five mechanical stop mechanisms with few reels (1,2,3, or 4 but.In other words, the lowest probability for payoff that can be offered on presently used machines are 1 to NR where N is the number of angular rotational positions on each reel and R is the number of reels.6 shows pictorially how the symbols on a reel displayed to the player compares to the virtual electronic indicia reel generated by the electronic random number generator.Such machines are directly susceptible to wear and tear (including erroneous electrical paths due to dirt and coin dust in particular, in the wiper contact area) nya online casinos bonuskoder as well as intentional tampering by both the player and unethical operators and their employees adversely affecting the regulations.The above reasoning explains why the slot machines which offer greatly increased payoffs are usually very large machines in terms of the number of reels and stop positions.Beyond that, any good quality random number generator where each bit position as has a 50/50 probability of being 1/0 and the period is relatively long would be sufficient.When payout is completed, a signal passes back through the line 44 to the control and payout logic for the playing of another game.1 shows a standard electronic slot machine in which the subject invention can be applied.Mersenne twister prng has such properties.Thus the total number of combinations at which the reels can be stopped are the number of reel positions raised to the power of the number of reels or N3 in the subject apparatus shown with 3 reels wherein N is the number of positions.As described before, the random number generator in past devices can select a number corresponding to a reel position.That is, the source of entropy leading to the seed for the starting position is the critical thing.3 shows in exploded detail a typical reel mechanism in which the invention can be applied.It is a further purpose of the present invention to provide a machine on which the probability is easily designed and on which high value payoffs can be offered on a standard three or four reel machine with correct probability that makes the high value.
It should be noted that the market demands higher and higher payoffs to maintain and increase player appeal, yet the casino or operator must be assured that the probability of win and payout allows for a reasonable business profit.
The table entry in the random number generator for this machine is illustrated by the circle.